Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Plays in Nairobi

It's that time of year, and many churches are presenting powerful Christmas plays.  Here's just a sample...

Shepherds discuss the angel message
Mamlaka Hill Chapel presented "The Dawning: Reflections on Christmas" on December 11.  This was a collection of scenes, monologues, poetry, speech choir and songs very ably performed by the drama team of the church--so much talent!  

An audience favorite were the shepherds, who confused the angels with the moon (or sun), and were obviously not the sharpest shepherds on the block!

Mary remembers

Nyambura Muriuki did a wonderful job as Mary, giving beautiful poetic renditions as well as a monologue about her experience as the mother of the Messiah.  Frank Koine and Jaki Oyoo also stood out as the innkeeper and his wife.  The speech choir energetically and artistically presented WH Auden poems and Scripture.

The innkeeper and his wife argue
Also back on stage is Mavuno Chapel's "Village Christmas: A Love Story," playing until Dec. 24.  This dramatic musical extravaganza is always well done and a crowd pleaser!

Nairobi Baptist presents "The Song of Mary" this week (Wednesday through Friday).  They have an able cast and have expanded the script with a lot of wonderful original music, bringing added depth to the performances and the script.