Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Drama Worship Service in Kenya

Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday
Word to Life Drama Ministry of Mamlaka Hill Chapel led the congregation through a dramatic worship service yesterday.  23 actors, 10 musicians.  An hour and a half of worship, reflection and repentance through Scripture storytelling, singing, prayer, confession, tableaux (still pictures).

"Meditations on the Cross" was a worship journey following the Scriptural account of Holy Week.  Two narrators told the story straight from Scripture as the drama team pictured it for the audience with different tableaux.

Jesus is arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane

Live action and dialogue was interspersed with the still pictures, and enacted scenes and monologues to help people see, feel and meditate on Christ's life, suffering and death.

Songs (drawn from hymns and other songs that reflect on the cross and the events of Holy Week) were also a part of the script, allowing the congregation to participate in the experience in more ways than just watching.

Crowd calls for Barabbas

A time of confession and repentance was included to help people think of the relevance of Christ's sacrifice to their lives today.

The team of 30+ worked together with professionalism and conviction and presented a service that was impactful and brought at least 15 people to a new faith in Jesus, and many others to repent of their betrayal of Jesus through their choices.

Mary at the cross