Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Christmas Dramas in Kenya

There are always more plays happening than time and ability to see and review them all!  But the theatre scene is keeping busy in Nairobi at least.  Several churches had Christmas-time dramas.  Nairobi Chapel Rongai wrote an original play, Mamlaka Hill Chapel added drama to the music concert with an original script retelling the Christmas story through mime and narration, Good Shepherd put on a Christmas Cantata written by one of their own, Nairobi Pentecostal Valley Road also did an original play called "Gone in 59 Seconds," and I'm sure many other churches around did their own plays and concerts.

Kijiji Entertainment, with the drama folk from Mavuno Chapel, are launching on a TV series called "The Groove Theory," which will be aired on Zuku Africa next year.  It is a musical directed for stage but filmed for TV.  Once more they are breaking barriers and moving things forward.  The series follows young Kenyans trying to make it as musicians in spite of family and societal pressures and oppositions.

There has been a lot of drama training happening in Nairobi this year also:  the Irresistible! Drama Leaders' Conference in July, a follow-up conference in October, and short courses through Daystar University's Institute of Christian Ministries and Training (ICMT).

October's conference was graced by the presence and excellent teaching of Garold Anderson (Garold and Lori have a great creative ministry in Europe and Kenya through Watershed Arts) and Thea Solteau, a dancer/choreographer from the UK.

I think I'll give a brief summary of these events in another blog.  But this coming year there should be lots happening drama-wise in Kenya!