Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, I'm finally getting around to this whole blog business!  I use the internet so much to see what's going on around the world but just haven't taken the time to put my own thoughts and experiences down here, particularly as related to drama and theatre around the world. 

This whole area of ethnodramatology has been my interest since high school days (way back - don't ask!).  Working in the US for 20+ years in drama and ministry, and now based in Kenya teaching drama and traveling around the world giving seminars and viewing plays and dramatic events has given me lots to think about.  I've met a growing number of people interested in ethnodramatology.  I hope we can continue to share our experiences with one another, learn from one another and have fun with drama!

In this blogspot I want to write about experiences I've had with drama around the world.  I hope it will be useful and interesting!

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