Sunday, April 24, 2011

HIStory Easter drama in Kenya

Easter Sunday - a prime day for dramas, pageants, and other creative events in churches around the world.  It was no exception today in Nairobi, as Mamlaka Hill Chapel put on a narrative, storytelling, musical, dramatic worship service.  "HIStory," available through DramaShare, took the place of the regular Easter morning services.  
The Samaritan woman tells about Jesus

The Last Supper
A team of near 40 (actors, musicians and technicians) sang and acted their way through a beautiful ministry event which included contemporary retellings of the disciples, the Samaritan woman, and African versions of da Vinci's famous painting of "The Last Supper"  and the crucifixion and resurrection.

The challenge for the production was mainly working with the technical aspects - turning the parking lot sanctuary into a theatre space.  It took days of draping with fabric and plastic, hanging backdrops and curtains, and working with an LED lighting system that had no manuals (except those in Chinese) and no one who fully knows how to operate a very complex controller.  But we managed!   People appreciated the doctrine of the story and how it told Jesus' story in a relate-able way.


  1. Personally it was a life changing play. To me it was the greatest sermon i have heard so far this year. the crucifiction scene was awesome!! the song that played as Jesus was crucified is constantly playing in my mind. God bless you Julisa!

    Sam "Peter"

  2. The song was "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" - an old hymn that has such a beautiful and heartwrenching description of the crucifixion and its impact on us.