Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Rohio and Juliet" - an authentic Kenyan musical

Mamlaka's Word to Life drama team re-staged the popular musical that they wrote and performed last September.  Click here to see the original review.  This time, they reworked the ending, added some songs, vamped up the music, tightened the script and performed it with full theatrical lighting and set at a local theatre for a total of 8 shows.  Wow, what a great job they did!  This was a great example of a community-created piece; a team working on the script, several different composers, with harmonies created by the instrumentalists and various musicians, such as the Kenya Boys' Choir, and, of course, the cast putting in their work as well.

Rohio and Juliet sing of their love
 "Rohio and Juliet" was definitely authentic, and authentically Kenyan.  Rare to find a musical with that combination.  The message definitely hit home.  heart strings were tugged tangibly."  (Yafesi Musoke, writer, actor, producer and overall excellent thespian!)

The rich landowners show off their dancing skills
"I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time during the show and personally I was blest and honoured to be part of the production.  As much as the audience was touched by the play, I too was really impressed and I was glad to have spent my time there.  You have a wonderful team and I was amazed at the talent, creativity, determination they got and above  all their will to serve Christ."  (Jolynne Mokaya, crew member)

The workers dance:  "If I Had a Shilling"
Mothers' fight

"I won't take your money any more"

Mama Busara and Rohio remind the workers what they've been through

"The government is in our pockets"

Pesa, pesa, pesa...

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